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What is the purpose of this software ? Version imprimable de cet article

Robert ,  October 2015, update : May 2016


Last software update : 22/05/2016

  For :
 Multiplex v2.2.9
 Weatronic v3.2.9
 Graupner “Hott” v2.2.10
 Taranis v2.2.9
 EagleTree v2.2.9 (in test)
 Altis v2.2.9

  • “xxx2kml” is a multilanguage software dedicated to the analysis of records from several Flight Recorders.

      Most RC manufacturers do not distribute an user-friendly software to plot and manipulate the data files from their “Flight recorder”.
      Moreover, the “MPX” brand GPS sensor sends to the “Flight recorder” (attached to the transmitter) GPS data with an unusual data structure : azimuth angle and 2D distance from the starting point.
      The “xxx2kml” software not only displays the files from the “Flightrecorder” in an user friendly manner, but it also converts some unusual (azimuth, 2D-distance) data to usual “longitude-latitude” earth coordinates. Moreover, “xxx2kml” is able to send these data straightforward into “GoogleEarth” and plots the flight path on the GoogleEarth image. Therefore, all recorded parameters are known at any location of the flight seen on GoogleEarth.
      “xxx2kml” is tailored to work with fligh recorders from :

  • Multiplex mpx2kml
  • Weatronic wtrc2kml
  • Graupner Hott Hott2kml
  • Taranis trns2kml
  • EagleTree (in test)
  • Altis Alts2kml
  • Some examples for gliders :

      Especially for large scale gliders, follow the true flightpath on GoogleEarth and find precisely the usual locations of thermal lift, the glider intrinsic sink rate, the stall speed, highest speed, landing speed, rate of climb for motorgliders, etc ...

  • Some technical facts :

      “xxx2kml» is a 32bits software. It has been successfully tested with Windows XP, Windows 7 (32 and 64bits), W8 (64bits). For best results, run it in XP compatibility mode and”Administator" mode.
      Screenshot. Clic the picture to zoom.